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Tips For Helping Your Toddler Sleep When Away From Home

This week we are going on away on a family holiday for a week to a caravan in the Scottish Highlands, we are looking forward to days spent on the beach, in the pool and having lots of family time together. It can always been a bit of a worry that your toddler will not sleep well when they are away from home and out of their normal routine so I thought I would share some of tips and tricks that I use to help Tommy sleep well while we are away.

At home Tommy has a good bed time routine; he has dinner then goes straight up for a bath, has some quite play and does his physio treatment  followed by a cup of milk and books. He is usually in bed about 7.15pm. He sleeps in a sleeping bag and sleepyhead grand pod (although we are planning to transition him to using a toddler duvet and pillow once we get back from our holiday) with a muslin  comforter and his dummy. He also has his white noise bear playing to help sooth his to sleep. Both the boys currently share a room and I think they like h…