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My Goals For 2019

As 2018 draws to a close I've been having a think small about  goals I would like to achieve next year. Am not one for making resolutions as let's face it not many people actually stuck them out but small goals seem more achievable. Am not aiming for any major lifestyle changes but rather small steps that I think would make me feel happier and more for filled.

I've also added a note at the bottom talking about another goal I would love to make happen in the future but simply isn't feasible at this time.

Learn How To Use My New Camera My husband kindly gifted me a shiny new bridge camera for Christmas. It was completely unexpected and am delighted with it. To get the most out of it I have booked myself onto a a day coarse to learn how to use all the different settings correctly, as to be honest I haven't got a clue! I current do all my photography on my phone so am really excited to learn some real photography skills. I recieved some money at Christmas so I think t…

One For Coffee Loves

I've made no secret of the fact that am a bit of a coffee addict and to be honest am rather snobbish about which coffee I drink.
One of my most favourite indulgences is waking up first when the kids are still sleeping and sneaking down stairs for a coffee in peace before the chaos begins.

This Christmas CoffeeBewer kidly gifted me one of thier Growers Cup 10pcs Gift Sets to try.

The gift set arrived beautifully  packaged, inside the box was an assortment of different  speciality coffee pouches. My set included organic & hand roasted coffee from Columbia and Brazil to name a few.

Whats different about these coffees is that you brew them in the pouch rather than a cafetiere but you still get the same great taste. Simply open the pouch and pour in the boiled water then leave it to brew for a few minutes. It's then ready to serve straight from the pouch using the spout. Each pouch makes two cups.

The packaging is made from kraft paper that can be recycled and a thin layer of …

A Touch Of Santa Magic With Lapland Letters

There is nothing more magical than Christmas through a child's eyes. This year Oliver is 5 so he is fully embracing all the Christmas traditions and is amazed by all the festive magic. For the first time he was able to sit down and write his letter to Santa all by himself, he carefully wrote every letter and included a beautiful drawing. He excitedly skipped down to the post office with me, asked for the stamp and paid for it himself then popped it into the postbox .

Since he had taken  so much pride and care with his letter I wanted to make sure he received a very special reply from the Big Man himself! I was delighted when Lapland Letters got in touch and asked if we would like to receive one of their special replies from Santa!

The letter arrived addressed to Oliver in a very official looking bespoke Lapland stamped envelope. Inside there was a whole pack of goodies including a personalised letter, a good list certificate, riendeer food, Santa map and colouring activities.