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Alternative Christmas Gifts For Kids

Before sharing my Green Christmas Guide I thought it was worth sharing some alternative Christmas gift ideas. After all consumerism is having a major impact on out planet. I was shocked to learn that every year in the UK alone over 8 million brand new toys are thrown away! Yes not donated, regifted or sold on but throw away into landfill! When you think that there are some children in our country who would be very grateful for those toys it's a very sad state of affairs.

We all like to (or in some cases feel we should) gives gifts to our own children, nephews, nieces and children of friends but they don't have to yet another toy, there are many alternatives you can gift a child that will still bring joy. Or you maybe you are a parent yourself who is constantly asked "What should I get them?" and thinking the last thing they need is yet more toys! So I've put together a list of alternatives that you can buy for babies, toddlers and bigger kids. I've included something for all budgets and many of them are suitable for any age.


  • Name a star after them 
  • Voucher for a photoshoot
  • Book them into a music or messy play class (also great for Toddlers)
  • Voucher to download relaxing lullabies or bouncing baby tune
  • Plant a tree in their name or gift them a tree to plant in their garden
  • Put together a photo book with photos of family members and friends 


  • Tickets for stage show (think Cebeebies Live or Panto)
  • Attractions tickets/vouchers such as the zoo or petting farm
  • Membership to a local Nation Trust Property 
  • Voucher for soft play centre or swimming pool

Bigger Kids

  • Experience such as be a zoo keeper for a day or farm hand 
  • A trip out for tea and cake or afternoon tea 
  • A day coarse such den building, craft or bee keeping
  • Voucher to download a film
  • Adopt an animal
  • Tickets to a stage show or cinema
  • Online magazine or book subscription 
  • Trip out ten pin bowling, climbing or laser quest
Lastly don't forget that most places now offer an Evoucher rather than purchasing a plastic gift card so you can get it mailed directly to the parents inbox!

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