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Surviving Winter Skin With Aquaphor

As much as I love all the cosyness of winter the cold doesnt do my skin any good. Every year I end up dry, tight skin, flaky hands and chapped lips. Over the years I've tried a combination of different moisturisers, masks and creams. My vanity table is usually bulging with different products all promising to be heal my winter skin. But this year I've replaced all my potions and lotions with one multifunctional product! I was given the opportunity to take part in the My Aquaphor Challenge and try out their Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm and I've been delighted with the results.

Eucerin Aquaphor Smoothing Skin Balm has been a household favourite for repairing skin since 1925.  This multifunctional balm is made up of only 7 ingredients that's gental on skin. It creates a protective barrier whilst still allowing the skin to breath making it suitable for not only my skin but my boys too.

Over the past couple of weeks I've stored a tube of Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm in my…

Green Christmas Guide

Welcome to my Green Christmas Guide where you will find my favourite eco friendly toys and gifts for babies & children, from big name brands and small buisness. All the products featured are kinder to our planet and substantially made. Best of all everything is under £50! I've also included my favourite stocking filler (no tat I promise!).

The term eco friendly is sometimes associated with boaring but I promise the products featured are far from that. They will spark imagination, inspire curiosity and keep little hands busy.
If everyone switched to buying just one eco friendly gift this Christmas it could make a big difference to our planet. Happy shopping!
Sarah & BendrixSarah & Bendrix design and source quality items for both children and adults. Their range of beautiful wooden toys are handmade and designed to last. These traditional toys  will be passed down to other children and loved for many years to come. The collection includes wheeled, stacking and pull along…

Alternative Christmas Gifts For Kids

Before sharing my Green Christmas Guide I thought it was worth sharing some alternative Christmas gift ideas. After all consumerism is having a major impact on out planet. I was shocked to learn that every year in the UK alone over 8 million brand new toys are thrown away! Yes not donated, regifted or sold on but throw away into landfill! When you think that there are some children in our country who would be very grateful for those toys it's a very sad state of affairs.

We all like to (or in some cases feel we should) gives gifts to our own children, nephews, nieces and children of friends but they don't have to yet another toy, there are many alternatives you can gift a child that will still bring joy. Or you maybe you are a parent yourself who is constantly asked "What should I get them?" and thinking the last thing they need is yet more toys! So I've put together a list of alternatives that you can buy for babies, toddlers and bigger kids. I've included …

Becoming A Mum Of Two

Before Tommy was born I must say I didn't think much about the practicalities of going from having one child too two. We have a 4 year age gap between him and Oliver therefore I didn't have to think about buying a double pushchair or having to mange two children in nappies. Tommy seemed to just fit into our lifes without to much upheaval. Of coarse there can be difficult days and it takes twice as long to get anywhere but in general going from one child too two  was quite a smooth transition.

There is a few things I've noticed about how my parenting style changed the second time round and little things that helped the transition.

More Relaxed  My parenting attitude has definitely been much more relaxed this time round. I've stressed less about routine, milestones and the what the health visitor had to say.  I've never read any parenting books and been much more confident in trusting my own instincts as a mother. Being more relaxed had definitely been the biggest c…