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What To Look For When Choosing A Childcare Provider

From working in early education and childcare settings for a number of years I learnt a thing or two about what to look for when choosing a childcare provider. For many parents trusting someone else with the care of your child is huge decision to make and one not taken lightly. It may be that your returning to work after maternity leave or looking for a playgroup to allow your child some independence but either way there are a few important aspect to consider. 
Check If The Setting Is A Registrared Childcare Provider When starting to look for a childcare provider your first point of call should be to draw up a list of registered childcare providers in your local area. You can usually obtain a list from your local council. Childcare providers in Scotland should be registered with Care Inspectorate and in England Ofsted. Choosing a registered childcare provider ensures the settling has been fully inspected by the regulating body and continues to be monitored. You can read the latest in…

Quick & Easy Mama & Toddler Lunches

I think most of us would agree that's its difficult to find the time   to sit down an eat during the day when you have a toddler about the house. I've been guilty of skipping lunch all together in favour of getting the boys fed and the cleaning up done. However recently I've been making more of an effort to sit down and enjoy lunch with 1 year old Tommy. Oliver is at school now so I don't have to make his lunches during the week. Perviously I was making two separate lunches for the boys as they would rarely eat the same thing but Tommy and I both have similar tastes so we can eat mostly the same meals. Tommy mainly feeds himself now so I have more time so enjoy eating with both hands!
Below I've shared five of our favourite quick and easy lunches we share together. Tommy likes to feed himself now so they are all meals he can manage independently. I usually like give him some yogurt or fruit to follow.

Pizza Pockets Spead  Warburton Toasty Pockets with pizza topper…

A Day Out In Edinburgh With The FastFold Stroller

We were so excited to receive the new Micralite Fastfold pushchair and couldn't wait to take it for its first test drive. We had planned a busy family day out with our 5 year old and 1 year old boys at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put the pushchair through it's paces and boy did we do that!
We started our day by catching the train into Edinburgh. The large rear wheels made mounting the train a breeze and we were able to park the pushchair in the disabled bay, fitting into the spot easily without obstructing the walk away. One year old Tommy looked incredibly comfortable in the hammock style seat, and with the hood pulled back he had a good view of everything going on around him. Half way through our journey a wheelchair user required the space, so we quickly folded down the Fastfold and stored it in the luggage area. I could not believe how fast and hassle free it was to fold it away. 
Once we arrived in Edinburgh Andy too…

Micralite FastFold Pushchair Review

We where estastic to have recently been  given the opportunity to try out the new Micralite FastFold Pushchair with our one year old Tommy.  It could not of come at a better time as for the pervious couple of months we had been switching between using  our bigger travel system and light weight stroller depending on the occasion. Ideally I wanted to have one pushchair that was just as efficient for city trips as it was for a bit of country off roading without comprising on comfort and the FastFold promised to do just that. 
First Impressions  Assembling the FastFold was super easy, all I had to do was click on the rear wheels and attach the seat linner and it was ready to go! I thought the product had an overall good quality feel about it. It was sturdy, with large pneumatic tires but still compact in size. I loved the colours and design of the special "Festival" edition. The design is different to most pushchairs as the FastFold is wider at the front than it is at the rear.…