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Recaro Easylife Stroller Review

Since Tommy turned one in June I've been searching for a lightweight and easy fold stroller. I do love our Flip XT2 pushchair from Mamas and Papa's and still intend to use it for longer walks. However, now Tommy is bigger it can be quite heavy to push at times and although it's relatively compact when folded I do find it rather heavy to lift especially if your trying to juggle a wiggly baby at the same time. 

I spent a good bit of time researching strollers, reading countless reviews and watch YouTube demo videos as I wanted something that would be practical for our needs and look good too. Eventuallylly I decided on the Recaro Easylife in the colour black, the usual RRP is £189.00 but I managed to get it on sale from for £139.00.

First Impressions

Setting up the Recaro Easylife was very simple, all I had to do was flip open the chassis and attach the front wheels. Then it was ready to go! The black frame and wheels gives the stroller a more premium look and it has a general good quality feel about it.

Baby Comfort 

When it comes to pushchairs & strollers baby comfort is a really important factor for me. We are out and about alot which means Tommy spends a fair bit if time sitting in it so it needs to be a comfortable ride for him. We have been abit spoilt with our Flip XT2 as it has a very padded  seat which Tommy has always been very comfortable in. The Recaro Easylife seat has some padding and calf support but I do feel it could do with abit extra support around the babies head. Tommy tends to lean his head against the side of the chassis therefore a little extra padding could provide him with some more support.

One of the main selling points of this stroller for me was the all round suspension. We have alot of uneven payments in our local area which the stroller handled well making it a soother and more comfortable ride for Tommy.

Although the stroller does not lie flat, it does have multiple recline positions and can recline enough to provide comfortable naps. Tommy has slept well in it so far. The mesh side panels allow ventilation and the hood provides some shade although you might need additional shading in the summer months. The 3 point harness is simple but efficient, it's very easy to adjust and seems comfortable for baby.

Mama Comfort

For me the Recaro Easylife is very comfortable, it has a nice  foam padded high handle bar and is incredibly lightweight (5.7kg) making it a dream to push. I can easily push it one handed, leaving me a free hand to keep hold of Oliver or my coffee cup. The basket is roomier than it looks, I was able to pack in the rain cover (a must have at all times in Scotland), a picnic rug and Olivers jacket at once. 


Folding the stroller is a breeze, it can be easily be done one handed while holding your baby. You simply side the button across on the handle bar and twist it. The stroller then folds down and handle bar can be used to carry it. Once folded its extremely compact (W48cm x H58cm x D26cm)! It could easily fit onto the luggage rack on the train and side under the table in a coffee shop. It can also be taken as carry on luggage on certain airlines depending on their baggage restrictions.

Unfolding I found was a two hand job, one hand to flip the stroller open and the other to click the frame into place. It can be done with in a few seconds.

The Verdict

For us Recaro Easylife Stroller has been a fantastic buy, its compact, lightweight and a dream to push. There is a couple of tweaks I  would make if I could, the seat could have a little extra padding and a slightly larger hood would be beneficial. You have to buy the rain cover separately (approximately £19.99 and comes with a storage pouch) and you can also add a bumper bar which I haven't purchased yet. Ideally I would of liked these accessories to be included with the pushchair purchase especially the rain cover I think it is an essential item. If your looking for an easy everyday stroller this one could be for you. 

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