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Our Five Favourite Wooden Toys

I've always preferred wooden toys over plastic they are usually far superior in quality and timeless. My boys playroom is a mix of both wooden and plastic toys but it tends to be the wooden toys that grow with them and are played with for far longer than the  plastic ones. I like to put some of the wooden one up on display as they are much more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Below I have shared out top five wooden toys that the boys have played with time and time again.

Plan Toys - Stacking Wheels

We where recently gifted these to parent test for and they have been a huge hit with both the boys, especially Tommy as he is really into wheels at the moment. The set includes three simple wheeled toys that can be stacked, pulled and pushed. The design and colours give a modern twist to a traditional toy. They look beautiful displayed in the boys playroom. I love that Plan Toys and packaging are all made from substantial and non toxic materials. (12 months+, Rpr £16.99) 

Bigjigs Toys - Red Bus Sorter

Tommy was gifted this wonderful toy for his first birthday, it is recommended for children aged 18 months+ due to the size of the animal figures so we don't leave him unattended when playing with it (or we take the smaller part away). The bright red bus  is exceptional quality and comes with eight colourful animals that can be slotted through the windows. There is a slider on one side  and flippable panels on the other that when moved switches the pictures  to reveal different passengers on the lower deck. I think this will be a toy that's played with for years to come. (18 months+, Rpr £32. 50).

Galt Classic Pop Up Toy

We bought Tommy this classic toy for his 1st birthday. He didn't show much interest in it at first but over the past few weeks it has become a firm favourite. The simple toy comes with four coloured characters that can be slotted into the base. When pressed down then released they pop back out causing much delight to little people. It's great for developing hand eye coordination and colour recognition. (12 months+, Rpr £8.99).

Plan Toys - Doctors Set

This is another toy we where gifted to parent test for It comes with a storage bag and five beautifully crafted doctors tools. Again as with all Plan Toys it's made from  quality sustainable materials. The set offers many opportunities for developing imagination, social and fine motor skills through play. Oliver has enjoyed using it to create a teddy bears hospital. It would be fantastic to use with a child to prepare them for a hospital visit or prior to immunisations. (Age 3+, Rpr £24.95).

ELC - Wooden London Bus

This one is probably my favourite of the five! It's not often I shop at The Early Learning Centre as I've found the quality of their toys has gone down over recent years but I loved this bus as soon as I saw it. I've been surprised at the durability and and over all finish of the product. It comes with 8 adorable little peg people who have colour coordinated seats inboard the bus. The bus is the perfect size for toddlers to push along and the people are easy for little hands to grasp. Tommy absolutely loves this toy, he plays with the people on there own and likes to add other random toys to the bus and push it along. I have it on display in the play room as its so bright and beautiful. (12 months +, £25).

There we have it, that's our top 5 wooden toys. I could of chose our top 10 as we have so many lovely wooden toys but I will save them for another time.

*Disclaimer, some of these toys where gifted to us however I was under no obligation to include them in this post. We just genuinely love them! 

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