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Bed Time Routine With Siblings Sharing A Room

Am often asked how our bedtime routine works with both the boys (Oliver 5 and Tommy 1 ) sharing a bedroom so I thought it might be useful to tell you a little about our current routine which is mostly working well for us. 

We do have a three bedroom house so the boys could have a bedroom each but we decided to put them in together when Tommy was 9 months old as we wanted to keep the third  downstairs bedroom as a playroom.

Our current routine usually goes as follows.

5.45 pm - Bath Time

The boys eat there dinner about 5pm. Its usually a messy affair so they go straight from the dinner table into the bath. Watching them splash a and play together is my favourite time of the day. I usually just let them get on with it while I enjoy sitting back watching them. 

6.15pm - Pyjamas 

The boys can spend up to 30 minutes in the bath. Once they are out Oliver gets himself dried and dressed for bed while I sort Tommy out. Tommy has some eczema so I always massage in some treatment cream after his bath, am currently using a combination of Kokoso coconut balm and Olitum cream. He is then dressed in a vest and I give his hair a quick brush then trim nails if needed.

6.30pm - Quite Play

I prefer not to take Tommy back down stairs after his bath instead we have some quite play time upstairs in their bedroom. I try avoid noisy battery operated toys at this time and instead set out a basket of  sensory and wooden toys for Tommy to explore. Oliver either chooses to go back down stairs to the playroom or sits up on his bed and plays with some of his toys. During this time I usually clean up after there bath, rising out the toys and mopping up any water spills.

6.50pm - Tommy Books & Milk

We introduced books to both boys from birth and they are an important part of our bedtime routine. I think sharing a book is a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day. Tommy likes to drink his milk by himself from either a sippy cup or bottle while I read to him. Recently he has started turning the pages of the book which is really sweet to see. Oliver either joins in reading with us or continues to play quietly. 

7.10pm - Tommy Goes To Bed

Before he goes to sleep I zip Tommy into his sleeping bag and give him his dummy and muslin comforter. Then switch on his cot mobile and pull down the blind. On a good night he settles himself off to sleep with in a few minutes but sometimes I do have to go in and out of the room several times before he falls asleep.

7.15pm - Quite Time With Oliver

Once Tommy is tucked up in bed Oliver and I like to snuggle on the sofa and watch something on TV that we both enjoy. At the moment we are watching "Nailed It" which Oliver thinks is so funny. My husband usually arrives home about this time too. 

7.40pm - Oliver Books & Milk

My husband and I tend to take turn about of putting Oliver to bed. We read to him in our bedroom so we don't wake Tommy. Oliver is starting to get into chapter books now. His current favourite is "Horrid Henry". 

7.50pm - Oliver Goes To Bed

We try to have Oliver in bed by 8pm at the latest. We try to be as quiet as possible so Tommy isn't woken up, as it can be very difficult to settle him back to sleep if he gets woken up. Oliver usually settles himself off to sleep with in about 10 minutes. 

And that is it, our bed time routine. On the whole the boys sharing works although there can be the odd tricky night if Tommy doesn't settle or ends up getting woken up when Oliver goes to bed. But for now having the third room as a playroom isn't something we are willing to give up. 

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