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Play Bag For Toddlers For On The Go

Am starting to come round to the idea that at 13 months Tommy is now a toddler (even if he isn't actually toddling yet). This past month he has come on leaps and bounds but its also presented some new challenges. One if those is that when we are out and about he isn't as content just to sit and people watch anymore. This can make lengthy trips out, lunches  and appointments more tricky. Our old clip on pushchair toys weren't entertaining him so I needed to find something to keep him occupied.

I decided to create him a Play Bag that I could keep in my changing bag using toys we already had at home. I chose a selection of different toys that varied in size and texture and put them in a small/medium sized draw string bag. The idea is that I regularly swap some of the items in the bag for different ones so Tommy doesn't get board.

So far it's working well, Tommy gets excited as soon as he sees the draw string bag and reaches out for it. Its been used on the train, dur…

Our Five Favourite Wooden Toys

I've always preferred wooden toys over plastic they are usually far superior in quality and timeless. My boys playroom is a mix of both wooden and plastic toys but it tends to be the wooden toys that grow with them and are played with for far longer than the  plastic ones. I like to put some of the wooden one up on display as they are much more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Below I have shared out top five wooden toys that the boys have played with time and time again.
Plan Toys - Stacking Wheels
We where recently gifted these to parent test for and they have been a huge hit with both the boys, especially Tommy as he is really into wheels at the moment. The set includes three simple wheeled toys that can be stacked, pulled and pushed. The design and colours give a modern twist to a traditional toy. They look beautiful displayed in the boys playroom. I love that Plan Toys and packaging are all made from substantial and non toxic materials. (12 months+, Rpr £16…

Bed Time Routine With Siblings Sharing A Room

Am often asked how our bedtime routine works with both the boys (Oliver 5 and Tommy 1 ) sharing a bedroom so I thought it might be useful to tell you a little about our current routine which is mostly working well for us. 
We do have a three bedroom house so the boys could have a bedroom each but we decided to put them in together when Tommy was 9 months old as we wanted to keep the third  downstairs bedroom as a playroom.

Our current routine usually goes as follows. 5.45 pm - Bath Time The boys eat there dinner about 5pm. Its usually a messy affair so they go straight from the dinner table into the bath. Watching them splash a and play together is my favourite time of the day. I usually just let them get on with it while I enjoy sitting back watching them.  6.15pm - Pyjamas  The boys can spend up to 30 minutes in the bath. Once they are out Oliver gets himself dried and dressed for bed while I sort Tommy out. Tommy has some eczema so I always massage in some treatment cream after hi…

Why I Am Not In A Rush For My Baby To Meet His Milestones

With my first baby I religiously read up on developmental milestones, I could tell you which skills he should be mastering at which stage and what he should be learning next. I was always cautious that his physical development was progressing slightly slower than some of my friends babies, he was a bit later when it came to sitting unaided and crawling. Of course he achieved everything at his own pace and just needed that little extra time to master some skills.  I was constantly wishing him to achieve the next milestone and once he had done so it was straight into what he was going to do next. I spent many hours sitting with him teaching him how to make a towers out of bricks, shape sorting and practicing throwing and catching a ball which of coarse he loved every minute of but I do believe he would of mastered all these skills independently if been given the opportunity to.

This time round it has been completely different, I've never paid much attention to milestones with Tommy…

20 Minute Self Care Challenge

What Is Self Care?  When I hear people talking about Self Care I think of a weekend away at a luxury yoga retreat but Self Care can be any activity you do to benefit your own mental, physical or emotional well-being. This could be something a simple as taking time to read a chapter of a book, go for a run or having a cuppa in peace. Self Care can have many benefits such as reducing stress, improving physical health and boosting endorphins therefore having a positive impact on our mental and physical health.  Essentially the better we care for our own wellbeing the more equipped we are to deal with the stresses of daily life or so am told. 
Who Has Time For Care?  I think the answer most of us would give to that question would be "not me".  As a busy mum of two, who works part time I barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning never mind taking time out of my day just for me.  I think most of us are guilty of not making enough time for ourselves. We prioritise our chil…

Recaro Easylife Stroller Review

Since Tommy turned one in June I've been searching for a lightweight and easy fold stroller. I do love our Flip XT2 pushchair from Mamas and Papa's and still intend to use it for longer walks. However, now Tommy is bigger it can be quite heavy to push at times and although it's relatively compact when folded I do find it rather heavy to lift especially if your trying to juggle a wiggly baby at the same time. 
I spent a good bit of time researching strollers, reading countless reviews and watch YouTube demo videos as I wanted something that would be practical for our needs and look good too. Eventuallylly I decided on the Recaro Easylife in the colour black, the usual RRP is £189.00 but I managed to get it on sale from for £139.00.
First Impressions Setting up the Recaro Easylife was very simple, all I had to do was flip open the chassis and attach the front wheels. Then it was ready to go! The black frame and wheels gives the stroller a more pr…